Large and Small Businesses

Videos can effectively communicate your company philosophy to customers, employees, and the public. That's Entertainment Productions offers flexible scheduling to meet your needs, including evenings and weekends. We use Canon professional 3-chip cameras, along with digital non-linear editing, graphics, titles, and music. That's Entertainment provides a full range of services to produce video products for our clients that include pre-production, post-production and distribution. Your finished product can be produced as VHS, DVD, CD-ROM or streamed to your web site. Let us help you meet your business needs, including:

Employee Training/Recruitment

Improve your employees' productivity with video-based training. Videotaping is a cost-effective way to maximize your internal training programs and keep your staff up to date on the latest developments in technology, work techniques or company policy changes. Sessions can be as short as 1/2 hour, all day or multiple sessions over a longer period or time. Videotaping is also a great way to share your company products, philosophy, mission and business technique to prospective employees.


Videotaping these sessions can be a valuable resource for sharing information within your company employee groups or marketing your products to the public. By capturing these events on video, you can share important information with managers, board members or potential investors. You can also market these professionally produced videos to other businesses.


Short video presentations are an invaluable tool for marketing new products or ideas. Demonstrating your products on video allows the new customer an up close and personal view within the comfort or their home or office. Video brochures communicate your message to potential clients more effectively than printed brochures. That's Entertainment can help you bring your ideas from the "page to stage"— literally!