Performing Arts

That's Entertainment Productions' professional videographers are experienced in capturing the performing arts. As producers of the "award-winning" television program, "Backstage Pass", we have experience in videotaping music, dance, theatre, comedy, spoken word and the visual arts. Our schedule is flexible to meet your needs including evenings and weekends.

Our video services for performing arts include:

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos allow the artist to teach their methods of music, dance, acting, or a particular skill such as sculpturing, set construction or costume design to others. We can tape single or multiple sessions, tailored to meet specific student needs. These videos can also be marketed to prospective students and performing artists.

Performance Videos

Performances can include everything from solo events, small ensembles, to large stage productions. We have experience in a variety of genres from classical to contemporary to international and ethnic. We can also accommodate a wide range of venues, including clubs, restaurants, classrooms, studios, indoor or outdoor stages, or festivals.

Promos/Highlight Videos

These videos may include a sampling of work from multiple sources, or a live taping to showcase your current repertoire. Promos can be produced to DVD or streamed to your web site.

Fine Arts Videos

A video is an great way to market an artist's work, incorporating interviews, photographs of past works, and works in progress. An excellent tool for painters, sculptors, costume designers or photographers.